Review: The Violet Bakery, Hackney

I don’t really make it to the ultra-trendy Hackney (or as I describe it to my sister, the Brooklyn of London) that much.  It is still a bit out of the way and since I work and study more south-west, it tends to take a bit more time than I have to enjoy delicious baked goods.


Yet I had heard great things about The Violet Bakery – owner Claire Ptak makes amazing New York style baked goods.  I have had trouble finding both good cinnamon rolls and black and white cookies – The Violet Bakery has absolutely amazing versions of both, along with a variety of cupcakes, cakes and loafs.

IMG_7275Since I was coming from a 5k run that Saturday morning (very happy with my time!), I loved enjoying a bit of sweet food, even as I gave into my healthy side.  The Violet Bakery has a lovely brunch menu, with variety from some sweet treats to the brunch phenomenon I’ve been reading about: avocado toast.  This version was simple, but delicious, with avocado slices, olive oil poured over top and chili powder sprinkled.  I now see what the avocado toast fuss is all about.

IMG_7276The Violet Bakery is a bit out of the way if visiting London, but on a sunny day, there’s a beautiful space to sit outside and enjoy a mini cupcake.  I would definitely recommend it.


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