Blueberry Crumble and the Jersey Shore Cookbook

Anyone familiar with the news this week knows that it’s a bit of a hard time for London – the uncertainty has been very scary, especially for those of us who aren’t British.  I love London, but it’s heart-breaking when friends (from the EU originally or even outside) feel like for the first time, their foreign-ness is being emphasised and their contributions, both economic and as part of society, are being ignored.  As an American, the worries this gives me for November are clear and as someone who doesn’t like change or uncertainty, it’s definitely concerning.

It’s been a week for comfort baking.  And when I wanted something super comforting, I knew I needed to try out Deborah Smith‘s The Jersey Shore Cookbook.  Being a native of north Delaware, close to the Jersey Shore, and highlighting this delicious local food is a great project for a cookbook.  The Jersey Shore was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, but the area has revived itself and rebuilt and still provides some great local food.  Instead of focusing on recipes which capture the essence of the Shore, Smith asks restaurants throughout New Jersey to contribute a recipe for a particular meal.  The result is both amazing advertisement for the Jersey Shore (I was dying to try some pancakes after!) and a great collection of local recipes, perfect for anyone looking to recreate that chilled-out summer feeling.


Blueberry Crumble (from The Jersey Shore Cookbook)


340g unsalted butter

450g granulated sugar

3 teaspoons vanilla extract

6 large eggs

3 tablespoons baking powder

1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt

4 pints beautiful ripe blueberries

4 tablespoons demerera sugar


Cream together butter and sugar.

Cream together butter and sugarMix in eggs, vanilla and dry ingredients.

Mix in eggs, vanilla and dry ingredients

Grease baking tin for crumble (we used a 9×13 pan)

Grease baking tin for crumble

Pour batter evenly throughout the baking tray.

Pour batter evenly throughout the baking trayPour blueberries on top.

Pour blueberries on topSprinkle with demerera sugar.  Bake for about 40 minutes at 170C.

Bake for about 40 minutes at 170CCut into pieces and serve.

Jersey Shore Cookbook

This was super popular on Beardy Husband’s worksite and was absolutely delicious – a wonderful taste of the shore on an otherwise stormy week!

I received a free copy to review from PGUK, but all opinions are my own.


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