Review: The Melting Pot, Maple Shade

I have a special geeky knowledge of the Melting Pot, having worked at the Wilmington Melting Pot in high school.  As a result, I’ve eaten  LOT of their fondue in my time and am probably pickier than the average diner when it comes to their menu.  But the Melting Pot in central Philadelphia has recently moved to Maple Shade, New Jersey in order to expand their space, as well as offering a new section of the menu, Fondone, which provides pre-cooked options (the Melting Pot has always been known for allowing patrons to cook their own dinner) and I wanted to see how these changes affected their menu.

The Melting PotThe restaurant is one the larger side – we had made a reservation, which was a smart idea, because despite having opened recently, it was totally full.

Wall of potsWe started with the cheese course  – the new menu has several standard cheeses (like our favourite, the Alpine Classic) and a few which are chosen by the local restaurant.  I was really disappointed that they no longer make the cheese at your table – it allows you to slightly customise it, while chatting to the servers about the cheese process.  The food itself did suffer – the cheese was a bit less thick than we prefer.

We did really enjoy the spinach and artichoke – although Beardy sister suggested she would have preferred the cheese to be Gruyere rather than Gouda.  But as always, it was delicious and mouthwatering and we could barely resisting eating so much that we wouldn’t be able to finish other courses.

The entree course hadn’t really changed – our favourite teriyaki sirloin was still on the menu, albeit in smaller portions.  We also tried the peanut tofu and the new herb-encrusted chicken.  It was incredibly tasty, but definitely would have preferred larger portion sizes, even if slightly more expensive.

Entree courseThe final course is, of course, the absolutely amazing chocolate course.  I will admit, I dream about this chocolate.  I’m obsessed with the graham cracker and Oreo covered marshmallows.  They are pure deliciousness.  We decided to order the yin-yang (a combination of dark and white chocolate) and a white chocolate Banana Fosters chocolate.  I’m already tempted to go back for more chocolate – this definitely hasn’t changed at all!

yin yang chocolateThe Melting Pot seems to be dealing with a couple bumps from the new menu and cooking methods, but hopefully it will get sorted – because no way am I forgoing graham cracker coated marshmallows dipped in chocolate!


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