Christmas foodie gifts

Every year, I run out of time to do everything I want to do on Christmas – from baking cookies, to sending Christmas cards, to getting my gifts organised and wrapped – I am always the person sitting in the incredible traffic in the mall parking lot before Christmas Eve, just to get one last gift.  So this year, I’ve already started – I have my list of gifts (total scifi nerd that I am, new Star Wars merchandise is pretty high on the list!) and there are definitely some foodie gifts I’m loving!  Here are some things that I’m going to be giving for Christmas.

Steven Satterfield, Root to Leaf.  This is my go-to cookbook, because obviously it’s one that’s very close to my heart.  But it’s a great cookbook focusing on Southern seasonal produce and particularly vegetables.  I don’t know anyone who isn’t trying to eat more vegetables and looking for more varied ways to cook them – this is a great go-to for easy, healthy dinners on weeknights, and his okra recipe is a Sunday night staple in my home.

Nordic Ware Citrus Loaf Pan – lemon drizzle cake is an incredibly popular one with Beardy Husband’s office and this pan adds a great decoration to a simple cake.  I love it and think it’d be great for someone who whips up loafs regularly.

Tarek Malouf, Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook – a classic, from the Hummingbird dynasty which now numbers four cookbooks!  For someone who is learning to bake, it has all the classic American recipes (cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes).  I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve needed to bring something to a party or dinner and I was able to bake something from this book in half an hour.  I’d give this to someone who wants to learn to bake some basics.

Gift certificate to The Melting Pot – now, this is only for my American readers, but this is my favourite restaurant.  Not for the dieting person (the cheese and the chocolate is the best part!), but this is my favourite place to go with my family when I am visiting America at Christmas.  It’s especially magical around the holidays!

Muffin top baking cups – what can I say, I love these!  A muffin top should be seen as a delicious thing – and in addition to being adorable, I consider these my own strike for body acceptance.

This is what I’m planning to sneak into stockings this holiday – how about you?


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