Review: Black and Blue, Notting Hill Gate

“Why on earth did you move to London?”  I get asked a lot.  “America is so exciting, so exotic, and London is so boring!”

Right.  Well, since most of those people’s comparison for what life in America is like is what they saw on The OC, Disney World or the one time they took a trip to New York, I don’t really have the heart to tell them that Wilmington, Delaware, where I grew up, is not quite like New York City or Orange County.  Now, to be fair, there are nice restaurants, nice places to shop and a theatre, but nothing on the scale of London.

But sometimes in London, it just seems overwhelming how many options you can have – should I go to a cool new fitness class or see a preview of a movie.  Which theatre show should I see?  Is it worth braving rain to watch an ancient Greek tragedy?  (The answer to that is yes, go.  It was brilliant.)

So when my parents mentioned that they’d like to bring me out for a really nice steak, I was overwhelmed by options.  I had a few recommendations and eliminated several because regardless of how good it is, I cannot justify paying more than 50 pounds for a steak.  I just cannot.  So I decided to try Black and Blue, which is really recommended as having delicious food with a great atmosphere.

Black and blue

When we arrived around 8pm on a Sunday night, the restaurant was a bit quiet – a few people having a late dinner with friends or meeting business colleagues for a drink.  (I imagine the ones in Waterloo and Borough Market are a bit busier!)

The menu looked good – as predicted, it’s dominated by steak (although some cooked in a bit more unconventional ways – you can get a Thai green curry and Beardy Mom instantly fell for the steak frites.)

black and blue menuMyself, Beardy Dad and Beardy Husband all went for the sirloin – it was irresistible with a tumble of fries and an option of sauces (I went for the peppercorn – a great combination of creamy and spicy)

sirloin with friesI am very picky about having my steaks cooked a nice medium rare – especially after time in Britain and Ireland, when meat can be really well done.  This was perfect, and I would definitely pass this place on to other steak lovers.

I was tempted by the dessert menu – and while I find chocolate sundaes can hit or miss, this chocolate sundae was delicious – the chocolate sauce was great and it came with a tower of whipped cream.

chocolate sundaeIt was a delicious dinner and a great atmosphere for quiet family time – I think it’s definitely a great place to get a steak.


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