Review: Dishoom, Kings Cross

When I got married a month ago, I couldn’t have pulled off my wedding without frantic DIY from my amazing bridesmaid team.  They’re such good friends and they were totally dedicated to making the wedding beautiful.  When I noticed spelling errors in some of my place cards, my friend Eleanor tediously wrote out all new ones from scratch, using her beautiful handwriting.

EleanorSo when it came time for her hen night (a month after mine – it’s definitely wedding season), I was excited to try Dishoom, a trendy new Indian restaurant in Kings Cross.  I know there’s an original in Shoreditch, but that’s a bit far for myself and Beardy Husband – boring, married suburbanites that we are!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe place is set up to resemble one of the Iranian cafes from the British colonial period in Bombay.  The Kings Cross version is a refurbished old warehouse, light and airy and perfect for a summer evening.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe food seems to be served very much family-style, ordering several small dishes to make up a main meal.  We were a large group for the hen party, so we ordered half of the menu and split it.  There were a few things on the menu that I really loved.  I’m a big okra fan – Beardy Husband fries some quite often and the okra was so amazingly spiced that I’m pretty sure I grabbed most of it out from under the other hens.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think I could have quite happily eaten a meal totally of sides – just the okra, plus the shrimp and calamari (all spiced perfectly of course), would have been an absolutely perfect meal.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe went with such a variety of mains, luckily for me, because while I ordered the mattar paneer, I fell in love with the black house daal.  I literally just spooned it onto the naan bread and stuffed my face.


I’d really recommend Dashoom if you’re bringing a group of people – what’s on someone else’s plate may be just as good!  One thing that did cause me a bit of pause was the nostalgia the restaurant seems to have for colonial Bombay.  It’s not something I was totally comfortable with – obviously it’s important not to ignore the harmful effects of colonialism, but I would have loved the opinions of an Indian Britain as to whether the restaurant is ultimately a positive exploration of another culture or pure colonial rebranding.



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  1. Hello! Congratulations to you with the wedding and marriage… and Dishoom looks very interesting wish I can be there to try!

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