Review: Frozen cookies

I’m going to be totally honest, I bought these cookies for the reusable cookie cutter.  There’s a wide variety of bake your own kits on the shelves of my local grocery store and most of the time I ignore them, as I can easily make better and less expensive kits.  But this one sucked me in by telling me that it contained an Olaf cookie cutter.  Olaf is, hands down, my favourite character in Frozen.  And Olaf cookies would be a great addition to my Christmas routine.

Olaf cookie mix packetThe directions noted that the packet would make 6 cookies and there is edible stickers for 6 cookies.  But if you were comfortable with making cookies without Olaf face sticks, you could make several thinner cookies.

Olaf cookie doughThey do need a bit longer baking than most mixes if you make the thick cookies.

Cookies need longer bakingThere’s a quick mix frosting.

Quick mix frostingPlace on the edible details.

Place on the edible detailsIt’s a fairly easy process, but I found the edible stickers to not taste very good – it also is a bit of work for only 6 cookies.  This packet is worth it for the cookie cutter, but if I had access to a 3D printer, I would probably opt against buying it.

Olaf cookies


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