Review: Top Dog, Soho

The biggest problem with hanging out with mainly Irish people is how little they get my cravings for American food.  Like macaroni and cheese.  “It’s pasta in cheese powder?” Beardy Bestie Fran will say, making an face.  Maybe it loses something in the description?  Yeah, that must be in.  But with the opening of Five Guys at various location in London, I think they’re beginning to get the appeal of the American burger.


But with the soft opening of Top Dog in Soho over the late May bank holiday weekend, I thought I could demonstrate that hot dogs can be upscale as well.  I had the classic dog with a basic brioche roll, but they have a variety of hot dogs, including the loaded Chicago dog, the pulled pork dog (the one Beardy Fiance is salivating over) and even a veggie dog.  They’re accompanied by classic barbeque sides: slaw, chili, pulled pork and both classic fries and sweet potato versions.


My personal favourite is the organic ice cream, both in milkshakes and root beer floats.  It’s a great place for a classic American lunch and well worth a visit if you’re out and about in Soho!

Dog and fries


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