Review: This and That

When we made the turn off towards This and That on Soap Street in Manchester, Beardy Fiance gave me a weird look.  “Are you sure we’re in the right place?” he asked.  “There is no way this is the right street.”

I always enjoy a visit to Manchester.  It’s a very different city than London, a bit more similar to the American cities I’m familiar with, and it’s nice to walk around a city centre where everything is close enough to walk to.  But one thing I really wanted to try was one of the famous curry cafes, where I’d heard there was incredibly delicious food for less than a fiver.


So after turning on a side street strewn with garbage (there was, literally, a mattress strewn in the alley), we stumbled across this cute curry cafe.  And I have to say, this place is proof that appearances can be deceiving.  There was an amazing smell from the various curries.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had a chicken curry, while Beardy Fiance went for a beef one.  It’s impossible to convey the smells and the delicious taste, but obviously, it’s incredibly authentic curry and absolutely delicious.

beef curry chicken curryThe entire meal cost under 10 pounds (for a large portion), which makes it a great deal for some delicious food.  Don’t let the exterior fool you – this cafe is delicious and amazing value.


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