Lemon curd rolls

I’m pretty sure every planning a wedding, ever, says the same thing.  “Oh no, I won’t be a bridezilla at all.  All that matters to me is that we’re with everyone we love, having a good time.  Nothing else matters at all.”  And while I haven’t had a screaming match with my mother or a breakdown at my maid of honour over lipstick, it’s more that I didn’t realise how much I would care about every little detail.  “Why care so much about centrepieces?” I’m asked.  But as silly as it sounds, the centrepieces are part of making the wedding beautiful – and I want everyone to have a good time in a beautiful location.  So yes, that may mean a bit of stress and obsessive Pinterest-ing right now, but ideally, it will pay off in my guests having a wonderful time.  Once I find the perfect DJ.

As a result, my baking has not been super adventurous lately.  I’m sticking to tried and true recipes, which I can easily mix while scanning the RSVP list or calling the florist.  But as much as everyone likes my fail-safe chocolate chip cookies, I thought I could maybe branch out a bit.

These lemon curd rolls seem fairly involved, but they require a lot of downtime – in which I can sit down a plan my rehearsal dinner menu!

Lemon curd rolls (adapted from The Pioneer Woman)

1 batch of sweet roll dough (you can find that on her website)

4 tablespoons salted butter

6 tablespoons lemon curd

3/4 cup caster sugar

2 pounds powdered sugar

6 tablespoons unsalted butter (melted)

1 cup of milk

1 teaspoon lemon extract (not lemon juice!  That would curdle the milk)

Zest of 1 lemon


Roll the dough out into a long rectangle.  Melt the salted butter and spread it across the rectangle.  Make sure it’s even!  Do the same with the lemon curd.

Do the same with the lemon curdSprinkle the caster sugar evenly on top.  And this is the fun part, where you start to roll.  Beardy Fiance, who does the rolling, really recommends spreading the dough onto baking paper, which makes it easier to roll.

Rolling the dough And more rollingOnce it’s rolled up into a long tube, cut them into rolls.

Cut them into rollsLet the rolls sit and rise for about half an hour.

Let the rolls sit and rise for about half an hourPop the rolls in the oven at 190C for about 12 minutes.  While they’re cooking, it’s time to make the glaze.  Whisk together the powdered sugar and milk.

Whisk together powdered sugar and milkMix in melted butter, lemon zest and lemon extract.

Mix in melted butter and lemon extractPull the rolls out of the oven once they turn golden brown and immediately pour the frosting on top, while still warm.  The glaze will crawl into the nooks and crannies, giving it a lovely coating.

Golden rolls Golden rolls with frostingThese can be served warm or after they’ve cooled.  Either is amazing.  I particularly like the subtlety of the lemon curd, which compliments the roll rather than overwhelms it.

Lemon curd rolls


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