Review: Avoca Handweavers, Co Wicklow

The name Avoca Handweavers is a little misleading.  While it is indeed the home of one of Ireland’s oldest manufacturers, amongst my friends, we are far more interested in the farm to table foodie aspects of their cafes and restaurants.  Which includes, for example, “the best pasta ever” (as my friend Sarah calls it) and my favourite chocolate chip cookies of all time.  Luckily, Avoca has several locations around Ireland (so I can fulfill my chocolate chip cookie addiction pretty much any time I’m over visiting.

Avoca HandweaversOf all the locations,  I have a special enjoyment for the original County Wicklow location – it’s right smack dab on the road between Dublin Airport and Beardy Fiance’s childhood home, so I can almost always convince him to stop in so I can grab a cookie.  He’ll sigh and eventually grab a millionaire’s shortbread – methinks he protests too much against his love of millionaire’s shortbread.

Avoca cookiesIt’s also a great chance to check out the most recent Irish cookbooks.  Avoca has a great selection of Irish books, with an emphasis on farm to table and some smaller publishers – as a known cookbook lover, it’s a great chance for me to catch up on books I wouldn’t ordinarily come across.

Avoca cookbooksWe were there right after Christmas and I loved these brass cookie cutter lights – I haven’t seen them anywhere else!  Does anyone have a good link to find them online?

Avoca cookie cuttersI love these cute tea cups – once I actually have the space in my house for a tea set, I will definitely pay a visit to Avoca!

Avoca tea setIt was great to relax with a coffee and a bit of a sweet Avoca desserts for a mid-morning snack on a rainy December day.

Avoca snack


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