Blue Raspberry Krispie Treats

This is a recipe which is only for people who really love blue raspberry.  It is pretty much as blue raspberry as possible to cram into a krispie treat, so if you’re merely ambivalent about blue raspberry?  Not for you.

I think I made these treats with hopes of conjuring summer.  Despite the much-repeated adage that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, April has started with the wind of a lion’s roar and lots of rainstorms.  Maybe April will be out like a lamb?  In the hopes that if I make it, the sunny weather will come, I present blue raspberry krispie treats.  Perfect for a outdoor snack on a nice day – but I’m setting for a snack in front of the fire on a blustery day!

Blue Raspberry Krispie Treats (adapted from Sally’s Baking Addiction)


285g Blue Raspberry Campfire Marshmallows

42g unsalted butter

120g blue raspberry cake mix

150g Rice Krispies cereal

IngredientsMelt together the marshmallows and butter.

Melt together the marshmallows and butterMix in the cake batter.

Mix in the cake batterMix in the rice krispies.

Mix in the rice krispiesPour krispie treat mix into a lined brownie tray – carefully pack the mix in.

Pour krispie treat mix into a lined brownie trayAllow to set for several hours, then cut into pieces.

Blue Raspberry Krispie Treats


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