Review: Sprinkles Cupcakes, Washington DC

I judge cities by the quality of their cupcakes.  Look, I know that’s not a popular criteria (other people use green spaces, economy, public transport) and it’s not that I don’t take all of that into account – it’s just that I think none of that is as important as being able to get a delicious cupcake.

Sprinkles cupcakesIn London, my love of the Hummingbird Bakery is well-known, so I was a bit curious to make sure that DC has some great cupcake bakeries.  So, guided by my love of Cupcake Wars and its judge Candace, I decided to try Sprinkles Cupcakes in Georgetown.  It was a busy shopping day, but we were excited to see that the queue wasn’t too long and so we were able to come in and choose our cupcakes with relative ease.

Sprinkles cupcake traySprinkles was the first all-cupcake bakery and as such, most of the flavours are familiar or adapted from beloved cake flavours – they do have some seasonal adaptations, but this is definitely a place to go for a lovely, comforting cupcake.

Larger cupcakesBeardy Fiance opted for a red velvet, while I went with a s’more cupcake (graham cracker crust, chocolate sponge and toasted marshmallow frosting.)  Both of us definitely enjoyed them and thought the quality (especially, I found, of the chocolate sponge) was very good.

Mini cupcakesBeardy Mum and Dad went for mini cupcakes – a bit less of a mouthful, but both really enjoyed it.

Sprinkles goodiesTheir DC location was the only one I’ve been to, but I would really recommend it for a classic, delicious cupcake when you need a treat!


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  1. Next time you are here, be sure to check out Baked and Wired! It’s my favorite place for cupcakes in DC.

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