Review: Founding Farmers, Washington DC

There’s definitely a lot of places I fantasise about living in (Inverness, Paris, Rome) that in reality, I would probably find a bit frustrating and difficult (serious travelling to any major cities, French bureacracy, my non-existent Italian language skills.)  But when it comes to places I would seriously love to relocate to, Washington DC is at the head of the list.

So when I go back to the US and spend time with Beardy parents, it’s so fun to do a day trip to DC.  It usually includes a day of visiting museums, maybe a cultural event or a government building and (if I’m given any say), a nice dinner at a restaurant which has gotten good reviews.  Going on a recommendation from American Cupcake Life, I convinced my family that we should check out Founding Farmers, a farm to table restaurant near the White House in Washington, DC.

Founding FarmersWe were there on a Sunday evening right after Christmas and it was really busy – I would definitely recommend making a reservation, regardless of when you’re planning to eat here.

Burpy waiting Founding Farmers queueSince we had made a reservation, we didn’t have to wait long – it was a warm atmosphere, friendly, with the bar showing the local football team playing.

Founding Farmers barThe menu features a bit of something for everyone – traditional American style dishes, as well as innotivative pasta and salads and, since it is so heavily farm to table, a great emphasis on veggie-based dishes for vegetarians.  It would be a great place to bring a large group of people, since no one will be unhappy with the menu.  We started with one of their lovely bread-based appetisers – the breads are flavoured with some lovely simple meats, jams and cheeses.  We opted for the brie with onion jam and apple.

Brie, onion jam and appleThe whole family enjoyed these – and really, if carnivorous Beardy Fiance and salad-enjoying Beardy Mum can agree on a food, it must be fairly delicious.

Beardy Dad (the family pasta lover) went with the butternut squash marscapone ravioli and reported that the filling was incredibly fresh, while the cheesy, buttery topping complimented it well.

Butternut squash mascarpone ravioliBeardy Mum can’t resist a good salad and she paired it up with one of their winter stews, a thick, lovely filling stew perfectly spiced and doted with potatoes.

Winter stewBeardy Fiance had his first encounter with short ribs – he loved it so much and thought it was so succulent and well-cooked, that these are now going to be served at the wedding.

Short ribAnd I opted for one of my favourites – chicken pot pie.  It was succulent, with the vegetables tasting incredibly fresh and the crust was perfect (that is the mark of a good chicken pot pie – that the crust isn’t too dry.)

Chicken Pot PieAfter this dinner, all of us were stuffed (all of us except that bottomless pit that is Beardy Fiance.)  He opted for some home-churned strawberry.  I am not a strawberry fan, but Beardy Fiance is a big fan of homemade ice cream and pronounced this as delicious.

Strawberry ice creamThe dinner was a big hit with the entire family and for the next few days, we were commenting on how muh we enjoyed the food.  I’d definitely recommend it for a lovely dinner to cap off a trip to the city – and plan to be a regular when I one day move to DC!



  1. Glad you enjoyed it! We never made it for dinner because we loved their breakfast so much.

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