Review – The Counter, Dundrum

It’s very odd, since Beardy Fiance and I weren’t dating back when we both lived in Dublin (we attended the same university, albeit at different times) – London is very much “our” city, the place we discovered together.  So it was a bit different to try out some restaurants together while in Dublin together.  Some I knew about, some he knew about – but it’s fun to share the places we each enjoyed in college.  As I’m a recovering fast food addict, his are certainly nicer than mine – but in my defence, I lived in the city as a university student, while he was an adult.

The CounterSo when we were looking for a convenient location to meet up with a friend, he was eager to suggest we meet at The Counter in Dundrum Town Centre, a place he really enjoys.  After assuring me that I could get my cheeseburger with American cheese (a weakness – to me, it’s not a real cheeseburger without American cheese), we met Beardy Best Man Pete on a chilly, windy New Year’s Day.

Counter restaurantI wasn’t familiar with The Counter, despite it being an American burger chain, but apparently, it is popular in California.  I liked the idea behind it – you’re able to design your own burger from a range of options, including meat size, type of meat, toppings, sauce and type of bun.

Counter menuBeardy Fiance and Beardy Best Man Pete started off by sharing a plate of wings – I’m not a wing fan, but Beardy Fiance, who does not really like spice, expressed his appreciation for the non-too spiciness of them.

Counter wingsI ordered a cheeseburger (American cheese) and fries – adding some mustard and salt.  It was a really good burger, comparable to those at Byron or 5 Guys.

American cheeseburgerBeardy Fiance had a cheddar cheese burger, with fried onions, croutons, lettuce and red relish.  Weird?  Yes, but the thing about the Counter is that all the weird combinations you may have envisioned can come true.

Mike burgerSo out of the three of us, Beardy Best Man Pete decided to take full advantage of the crazy menu – including red onions, beetroot (like in red velvet cake?), lettuce, tomato, pineapple and bacon.  That is definitely a unique burger.

Peter burgerI would definitely recommend this place to someone who is picky about their burger (like this American) or likes unique flavour combinations.

I was not asked to review my meal at The Counter and all opinions are my own (or that of Beardy Fiance and his Best Man.)


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