Chocolate-Dipped M&M Shortbread

I think the easiest way to add a bit of festive colouring for holidays is to pop in some seasonal M&Ms (there are different colours for different holidays) and I have definitely been guilty of this lazy way to make easy treats seasonal.

I love shortbread – it’s quick, easy and the real trick is finding top quality butter, so it was really easy to adapt this Something Swanky recipe to make some chocolate dipped shortbread, in a seasonal Valentine’s Day pink.

Quick and easy, plus it can be shipped to loved ones who as a special Valentine’s Day treat (several of my friends and family will be getting some this year!)

Chocolate-Dipped M&M Shortbread (adapted from Something Swanky)


225g unsalted butter (do yourself a favour, go with Kerrygold.)

65g icing sugar

190g plain flour

80g rice flour

1/2 bag of M&Ms

1 bag candy melts

IngredientsCream the unsalted butter and sift in the icing sugar.

Sift in the icing sugarMeasure in the rice flour.

Measure in the rice flourMix in the plain flour.

Mix in plain flourFold in the M&Ms.

Fold in the M&MsPlace dough in lined brownie tin.

Place dough in lined brownie tinBake at 170C for about thirty minutes.  Once it has been baked (the sides should be golden brown), allow for it to cool completely.  Once cool, melt the candy melts and dip the side of the shortbread into the candy melts.  Allow to sit and cool.

Chocolate-Dipped M&M Shortbread


One comment

  1. Your shortbread looks amazing!!
    I also love KerryGold! In the States it’s so expensive I never really bought it, but here in Spain we’re close enough to Ireland that it’s a much more reasonable treat.

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