Review: Tesco Polar Bear Cupcake Mix

There has been a change in British supermarkets since the success of the Great British Bake OffBefore, chocolate chips were thin on the ground and a even cake mixes were limited to classic Victoria sponges.  But I’ve seen more and more interesting and creative baking accessories, to the point that, while browsing for a last minute dinner in my local Tesco, I was excited to come across these Christmas cupcakes from Tesco.  The idea of the polar bear cupcakes really reminded me of the designs in Hello, Cupcake, but the kit includes everything needed for the cupcakes, including the decorations.

IDShot_540x540The cupcakes are a basic vanilla mix – it makes six cupcakes and includes some cute snowflake liners.

Baked cupcakesNext, I added some butter to the icing mixture to make a smooth icing to provide the base for the polar bear.

Mix icing packet Base icing

Add the white chocolate shavings

white chocolate shavingsAdd the white chocolate buttons and draw a polar bear face.

Add the white chocolate buttons Draw a polar bear face

I thought this was a cute, easy kit for a quick bake for the next day – it would definitely be worth the price if I needed a few quick cupcakes for a party.  The cupcakes are never as tasty as homemade, but it makes the decorating easier.

Polar bear cupcakes

I was not sponsored to review this product, just saw it on shelves and thought I’d share my thought.


One comment

  1. Aww, these are so cute! I agree cupcakes from a kit never taste as good as homemade, but sometimes its fun just to try out the designs. I remember making them as a child, tiny cakes (fairy cakes as they were known back then!) topped with a really sickly pink icing, and rice paper pictures with Dennis the Menace, or Tom and Jerry on them! Cupcake kits have come a long way since then! x

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