Pizza Express Autumn and Christmas Menu

There is nothing less quintessentially British than Pizza Express.  A staple of the British high street, it’s pretty much an easy, friendly place to bring a group of friends for a meal.  I admit that when my vegetarian sister comes to visit, it’s definitely a go-to since I know that Beardy Fiance can get his loaded meat fest, I can get my classic American pepperoni and my sister can load up on vegetables – eveyone is happy.  So when UK Bloggers asked me to stop by Pizza Express’s Christmas in July, I was excited to see what they’ll be cooking this year!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst up was the seasonal starters – Beardy Fiance loved the arancini provola, a take on a spinach and cheese risotto in a lovely ball and it has a great crunchy texture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Festiva pizza sounded a bit odd to me when I first heard of it – served with cranberry sauce, brie, bechamel sauce, rocket, and even pancetta for meat lovers like me!  But actually delicious, loved the creamy brie with the salty pancetta.


Beardy Fiance loved this pizza – duck and hoisin sauce pizza.  (Again, sounds a bit weird, right?) but he loved the crisp sweetness of the duck.


My favourite autumn menu was far and away the calzone.  I love calzones in general, with the spicy tomato sauce, but this included 4 kinds of meat (including pepperoni).  But then they brought the desserts… And it was heavenly!

Beardy Fiance is pretty obsessed with dough balls, so these doughballs, topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon, along with a vanilla sauce?  A cheerful seasonal snowball version that makes him happy.


And then there was the vanilla cheesecake with strawberry sauce.  Though Beardy Fiance claimed to be stuffed, he managed to make room for this!


And my favourite: the honeycomb slice.  The pieces of honeycomb are crunchy, the caramel is nicely salted (I like a good bit of salt in my caramel) and I loved the texture of the biscuit base.  I think trips to Pizza Express just for dessert are in my future!


Overall, we had a great time talking to the Pizza Express team and I’m really looking forward to having more dessert this year!

I was invited to attend this event on behalf of UK Bloggers, but all opinions are my own.


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