Review: The Pudding Bar pop up

One of the best parts about being an adult is that I really do get to eat whatever I want.  Unfortunately, while I realised at about age 25 that it is true, I really do feel better with a few helpings of fruit and vegetables every day, I still revel in eating somewhere naughty.  So when I finished work last weekend around 11pm and had a bit of a sweet craving, I decided to do a late night stop at the new dessert pop up in Soho, The Pudding Bar.  Doing exactly what it serves on the tin, the Pudding Bar specialises in cool, summy desserts (perfect for this London heatwave) so I was so excited to try my late night dessert.


In true pop up fashion, it’s decorated in a minimalist decor – although still with some cute touches (loved the teacup candleholders!)


They have quite a generous assortment of dessert wines for those who want something alcoholic to go along with their Saturday night sugar, but I just opted for the dessert rush.  I went with their s’more cheesecake: the gingernut biscuit base must have been homemade, because it was a bit nuttier and bit less sugary than storebought biscuits (I approve).  The chocolate was bittersweet (unusual for milk chocolate), but that set off the lovely toasted merengue perfectly.  I’m pretty sure I could eat that merengue by itself with a spoon.  The peanut butter ice cream was wonderful, but in this heat, I had to gobble it up to beat the quick melting.


Beardy Fiance went with a cool lemon parfait; being a man of few words, he settled for describing it as “very nice with good flavours.”  From him, that was high praise.


It wasn’t too crowded when we arrived at 11, but I can guarantee that as this place becomes more popular, there will be more eager crowds – I know that the cheeseboard looked amazing and so fingers crossed I’ll be back for seconds!


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