Irish Comedian Tayto Chocolate Cookies

I would not really consider myself a big comedy person – so it was a bit of a shock to me to realise, when I sat down to watch last week’s episode of the satirical news show Mock the Week (the show that launched Jon Oliver, oddly enough), I realised that I’d seen three of the people on it live in the last month.  Which, frankly, was pretty cool.  And that was due to The Boat Show.


As the name suggests, The Boat Show is a weekend comedy show on a boat anchored near Embankment tube station.  While the boat doesn’t move, the line up changes every week, and tends to include several up and coming comedians as well as a headline act (often someone you will have seen while munching on crisps on your couch on a Friday night after your fiance fell asleep at 9pm.  That’s right, we live it up in the Beardy household.)  But at the beginning of July, something particularly exciting happened: my favourite comedian came to the Boat Show.

I do not like sexist humour about how someone’s wife is such a nag.  I am a massive nerd: the way to my heart is a joke about Star Wars and so Dara O’Briain (whose jokes about being an expat in London are punctuated by literal references to the Death Star) is kind of a perfect fit.  One of the jokes he did in a previous routine was about Tayto crisps (and their lack of availability in London.)  So when Tayto released their cheese and onion crisp chocolate, I put it away for a special occasion.  And knew that this was that special occasion.

tayto-bar-v21These were a big hit with the Boat Show staff, who noted that it used the chocolate in nice proportions without any kind of icky sweet and crisp clash – I think it is a nice blend of flavours.

Irish Comedian Tayto Chocolate Cookies (adapted from Martha Stewart)


2 large eggs

150g light brown sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

140g Tayto chocolate

85g basic milk chocolate

3 tablespoons olive oil

65g plain flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Sea salt for sprinkling

IngredientsCream together the eggs and brown sugar.

Cream together the eggs and brown sugar

Melt the chocolate and olive oil together and mix into batter.  Sift in dry ingredients.

Melt chocolate and olive oil and mix into batterLine a cookie sheet (I used a whoopie pie pan, as this is a very liquidy batter which tends to spread.)  Sprinkle sea salt on top of the batter.

Line cookie sheetBake at 170C for about 20 minutes, rotating them in the oven halfway through.  The cookies will still feel soft when you pull them out, but will set as they cool.

Irish Comedian Tayto Chocolate Cookies


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