Review: Bumpkin, South Kensington

I think I’ve walked by Bumpkin in South Kensington about a thousand times.  For awhile, Beardy Fiance was working on a worksite nearby and I used it as an excuse to constantly visit The Hummingbird Bakery – but unfortunately, I was never there at dinner time and as sweet as the restaurant looked, I never had the opportunity to make it in.  But a few nights ago, we needed a convenient but delicious place to eat in South Kensington before an event and I thought, “why not try Bumpkin?”


We were there on the perfect night – a warm, sunny Monday, so the place was breezy and not too crowded.  It felt like a caricature of how you would imagine a London gastropub in the summertime, with an antique but warm and relaxed vibe.  I loved the open area plan of the bar and the restaurant area (which keeps the kitchen in clear view.)  I always love the idea of an open kitchen and it kept the place feeling light and airy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABumpkin places an emphasis on seasonal food and so, in additional to classic British food which remains on the menu year-round, they’ve adjusted some seasonal specials.  Beardy Fiance loved the sound of the fish trout with the mash and prawns.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow summery does that look?  Beardy Fiance reported that it was seasoned excellently – call us obsessed, but it’s important to season seafood well!  I was craving classic Brit comfort food and opted for the steak and ale pie – with a lovely flake crust and delicious gravy, as well as perfectly cooked carrots.  I asked for a side of mash and the parsley gave the mash and nice texture and a bit of a peppery edge to it.  It also soaked up the gravy in the pie nicely – they should clearly serve all pie with a scoop of mash!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe didn’t technically have time for dessert, but we couldn’t resist.  It was a warm summer’s day and to me, that requires ice cream.  We ordered the two scoops of ice cream: one of strawberry and one of vanilla, and I was pleasantly surprised when the dish arrived with salted caramel sauce and madeleines (Beardy Fiance does love his madeleines.)  The caramel sauce complimented the vanilla incredibly well…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur meals were both reasonably priced – a good bit below the £20 mark, so this elegant gastropub is perfect for a casual dinner.



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