No Bake Baking and Sesame Snaps

London in the summer is not the hottest place on Earth – the many Australians I run into around here mock us for finding it a bit muggy!  But on a beautifully sunny day, the last thing you want to do is fill up your kitchen with a hot oven.  Luckily, renowned Irish food stylist Sharon Hearne-Smith has, just in time for summer, published a collection of sweets which have one thing in common – no use of your oven.  What No-Bake Baking means in practice is that plenty of other kitchen appliances are used in innovative ways: there are recipes using your breadmaker, your microwave, and lots of stove work.  Hearne-Smith’s background as a stylist also shows through pretty clearly – lots of her simple creations are used in beautifully, stylish ways – so instead of rice krispy treats, it becomes a rice krispy roll and peppermint creams are shaped into mock-buttons.  She has an eye for colour and texture and while I’m skeptical that I can replicate it at home at such a strong aesthetic level, but having tried some of the recipes, I have no doubt of the level of taste.  This is a great book for hot summers and a wonderful book for people with small apartments or students – who need to make use of all their appliances!

9781848666221Sesame Seed Snaps (from No-Bake Baking)


80g sesame seeds

20g dessicated coconut

250g caster sugar

1/2 teaspoon mixed spice


Toast the sesame seeds and coconut (I do this in my oven and have to watch it like a hawk – it very easily becomes burnt.)  Put caster sugar into a saucepan over a low heat and let the sugar caramelise.  Don’t stir the sugar, but swivel the pot if necessary.  It should become a lovely golden amber colour, almost liquidy.

Turn sugar into caramelMix in sesame seeds and coconut (I admit, I cheated at this point and mixed a bit) and then you want to allow it to bubble slightly as the temperature rises to 160C.

Mix sesame seeds and coconutQuickly (it cools really quickly), put the batter in a lined brownie tray.

Place batter in lined brownie tray

Allow to cool – it will take about an hour.  Then cut into pieces (it’s hard to cut quite precisely, so don’t worry if it’s irregularly shaped pieces.)

Sesame Snaps

I received a copy of No-Bake Baking to review from Quercus Press, but all opinions are my own.  It contains affiliate links as well!


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  1. I love this book, bought myself a copy when it came out!!

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