Triple Chocolate Pop Tart Brownies

I have a confession to make – as a kid, I hated Pop Tarts.  Now, this might sound like a weird thing for someone who tends to bake with them fairly often, but when I was younger, I found them to be a really dry breakfast food – I almost always preferred a plate of pasta (yep, I had odd cravings, but that’s a story for another day.)

There’s a quote in a book I love, Le Divorce, about the experience of being an American expat abroad – “even Americans you wouldn’t like at home,” a character explained, “you liked more over here.”  I think that’s true for food as well.  Obviously there’s something special about finding the comfort food I loved back at home (Kraft macaroni and cheese, cheddar cheese popcorn), but there’s also something reassuringly familiar about any American food.  When I buy a box of chocolate Pop Tarts, I could be at the Acme in Wilmington, Delaware or a Walmart in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I could walk outside and feel the air and the humidity of the east coast of the US, not the mild coolness of London air, perpetually prepared to turn on a dime, into a grey overcast drizzle.

It sounds like such a minor thing when people ask what I miss about America.  Missing my family is a more constant ache, one that never completely goes away, that nostalgia for Pop Tart can feel almost insignificant.  And I’m lucky as far as expats go – I speak the language and, for better or worse, the prevalence of American popular culture means that I’m far from alone reminiscing about TV or movies or seminal events.  But the particularities of some American food can be hard to explain (have you ever tried actually describing Kraft mac and cheese?  “Powdered cheese” does not make people’s mouths water.)  So when I bake with Pop Tarts, it’s a way to connect me to my home and my childhood: a lot of pressure for a little brownie, but these delivered well.

Triple Chocolate Pop Tart Brownies (adapted from Brownie Bliss)


100g dark chocolate

100g white chocolate

100g unsalted butter

225g caster sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

4 large eggs

60g plain flour

60g cocoa powder

2 chocolate Pop Tarts

DSC_2332Cream together butter and sugar.

DSC_2333Melt the chocolate.  Combine with sugar mixture and mix in eggs and vanilla extract.

DSC_2334Sift in dry ingredients.

DSC_2335Add half of the mixture into a lined brownie tin.  Place the two Pop Tarts on top.

DSC_2336Cover the Pop Tarts with the second half of the mixture.

DSC_2337Bake at 180C for about 20-30 minutes.

DSC_2338Allow to cool completely.




  1. Heaven on a plate!

    1. Thanks, Sophie, glad you enjoyed!

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