Happy Easter and Chocolate (lots of chocolate…)

So what is everyone else up to this weekend?  I find that the four day Easter weekend is perfectly placed to allow me to catch up on all the spring cleaning and some homework that I’ve gotten behind on.  Not to mention blogging and baking (a girl’s gotta have some hobbies!)

I’ve also been totally obsessed with finding pieces of the Jane Asher collection I’ve been blogging about (yep, totally hiking to various Poundlands over the weekend.)

And I’ve been eating chocolate.  Lots of chocolate.  Easter eggs are my nemesis.

DSC_2283The lovely people at Thorntons sent me some of their new line of Easter eggs – as per my request, white chocolate.  When I was growing up, I always wanted a white chocolate bunny and now, white chocolate means Easter to me.

These were absolutely delicious (a lovely, vanilla-y white chocolate) and while the bunny is great for kids, Thorntons will also personalise your Easter eggs (which is great for extended family members, and my egg is, as advertised, yummy.

In fact, this is all that was left of Harry Hopalot.

DSC_2285Hope you have a lovely holiday – and eat some chocolate!


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