Non Stop and Plane Sugar Cookies

Non-Stop takes place in one of my least favourite places – a flight between New York City and London.  Now, I hate to fly (not because, as many people do, I’m afraid – I’m pretty blase on that point.  For me it’s more the process – getting to the airport, going through security, the horrible food, the dried out air – ugh) which has led to many people asking me why on earth I live a lifestyle which requires me to cross the Atlantic several times a year.  It’s more the result of flying often – most people who really love to fly either never do it or always do it in first class!  Non-Stop, of course, takes place on a fantasy airline where everyone has plenty of legroom and dresses fabulously.

Air marshal Bill Marks (Liam Neeson, in a film which has given up any pretense of Neeson adopting an American accent and throwing in references to his Belfast heritage) is partway through a flight between New York and London when he receives a text from a terrorist, threatening to kill someone on the plane.  In the grand history of thrillers taking place in flight, Marks has to figure out who the terrorist is before the plane is blown up.

The movie has a great supporting cast, with the always-sparkling Julianne Moore as his love interest, actresses of the moment Michelle Dockery and Lupita Nyong’o as the flight attendants and Corey Stoll as the tough talking NYPD cop that Marks needs to win over to get the other passengers on his side.

Neeson, who started off in heavy dramatics such as Schindler’s Listhas reinvented himself in the last several years as an action star (most notably in Taken) and this film sticks to the same formula which made Taken so popular – if you enjoyed that jaunt around Europe, you’ll enjoy this one (change in location to a plane non-withstanding.)  Signalling the beginning of the spring blockbuster season, despite an attempt to be relevant to security concerns in a post-9/11 world, this is a shallow action movie – if that’s what you enjoy, the action itself is excellent.

non_stop_poster-620x356 I decided to go quite simple here – you can see the sugar cookie recipe I used in this post then lined it with some royal icing.  If you’re interested in more in-depth cookie decorating, I’d really recommend Bridget EdwardsDecorating Cookies – besides some great decorating ideas, it’s full of icing recipes and tricks for cookie decorating.  Using her recipe, we used royal icing to line our planes, trains and automobiles, then filled them in accordingly.  The white icing on the planes is covered by silver shimmer spray for a metallic effect – which does not affect the taste at all.


These would be great for a birthday party or any kind of trip, as well.  So enjoy!


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