Spring Oreo-stuffed Shortbread

March is supposed to be in like a lion and out like a lamb, right?  Well, we’re halfway through March here and I can’t seem to get to the lamb bit yet – the weather hasn’t seemed to make up its mind and keeps alternating between what passes for an English summer and horrible, depressing drizzle.  Bleh, I just want spring!

Beardy Fiance and I are trying to get into the swing of the season by starting to do our monthly 5k races again.  I’m not one of those people who likes to exercise – in fact, I hate it.  I keep hearing about the magic of endorphins, how people come to love and crave exercise.  I also keep reading about how exercise makes you eat better.  Who are these amazing healthy people who start running and never want junk food?  I finished a race on Sunday and all I wanted was a dark chocolate bar with sea salt.  Delicious.

But I admit, I feel a lot less guilty enjoying a well-baked sweets when I’ve done a good run.  And while it’s hard for me to motivate myself for practicing, I really do like the race itself, with the adrenaline pumping and the feeling of competition.

And then, afterwards, I deserve some spring Oreos.

Spring Oreo-stuffed Shortbread (adapted an idea by Picky Palate and a recipe by The Shamrock and Peach)


8 ounces unsalted butter (make sure it’s good quality, as you can really taste the difference – I always use Kerrygold)

4 ounces powdered sugar

1 ounce cornflour

1 ounce rice flour

8 ounces plain flour

1/2 bag of Spring Oreos

DSC_2174Cream the butter and slowly sift in the dry ingredients.

DSC_2176Wrap the shortbread dough around an Oreo.

DSC_2177 DSC_2178Bake at 170C for about fifteen minutes – you want the cookie to be firm.  Allow to cool completely.



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