St. Patrick’s Day and Great Irish Blogs

Since in most of the world, St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse for distant members of the Irish diaspora and expats to go out drinking (London is not exception), Monday night is not ideal and most people have already been celebrating it for a couple days.  Beardy Fiance is likely going out with his office-mates tonight and so I stuck with some low key cookies, just using these Wilton cookie cutters to bake sugar cookies.


You can find my recipe in this post.

But I thought this would be a great chance to introduce you to some Irish bloggers I enjoy reading – all of these blogs are on my reader and they can give you a view of the reality of food on the Emerald Isle.

Tash is probably the best friend I’ve made through blogging – I can’t even remember how we became so close!  Originally from Essex in England, she followed her boyfriend, Himself, to lovely Donegal (one of the most beautiful but most remote sections of Ireland), in which she uses creativity to substitute for the lack of cool baking things in Donegal – she’s always eternally grateful when I send Oreos or Wiltons stuff, which is definitely not sold in her local shop.  She’s pretty much a pure baker, but her recipes are always easy to duplicate at home!

A blog that not only focuses on a wide range of potatoes (and all aspects of them – ever wondered about breeding potatoes?  potato chip chocolate?), but in a country where local farming and farm to table is a traditional way of life, not a new trend, Aoife really explores where Irish food comes from and how its produced.  A great insight into the ways Ireland is changing, but the ways it’s staying the same.

The restaurant scene in Dublin is another thing that’s changing (when I was in college, Mexican food was a distant dream – now, burrito bars litter the place.)  Ketty maintains an ongoing exploration of great places to eat in Dublin, as well as local food events.  Great for me to see how my old home as changed, and her French viewpoint really provides an interesting outsider’s view of Dublin.  Plus she does food tours (which I’m desperately hoping to attend when I’m in Dublin!)

Now a south Londoner (all the cool people are, you know) – Niamh is from the east coast of Ireland and her humour and knowledge as an Irish girl in the big city makes her recipes and travelogues fascinating.  Food and travel are a combination which has long gone together and (in a very Irish move), she’s been writing a cookbook on creatives uses and recipe for bacon.  Who doesn’t love bacon?  Unfortunately, I haven’t done one of her bacon masterclasses yet, but it’s definitely on a to-do list once I have a wee bit more disposable income!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.31.21 PM

So happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone.  And tell me, what Irish blogs would you recommend?


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