Easter in Delaware

My sister likes to laugh at me because when I come to visit Delaware, all I want to do is visit Walmart.  My sister is actually a winemaker in Washington state (which people often ask me about, as there seems to be a general opinion that this is the coolest job in the world.)  Unlike people’s expectations, she does not spend all day drinking wine, but instead works in their lab doing decidedly unglamorous science stuff.

She’s also incredibly socially aware and passionate about how companies treat their workers, so she’s not overly fond of Walmart.  I am a broke baker (and they happen to be able to easily meet my prices), so I look at them more fondly.  Nevertheless, I think it’s important that people like Beardy Sis are out there, keeping corporate giants on their toes.  So I just wanted to add that onto this post so people can make informed choices.

Now onto the pure baking gazing!

The Wal-Mart near me always has an amazing seasonal baking section and did not disappoint this time.

IMG_1412Pillsburys has been great for offbeat seasonal flavours and this trend only continues this spring – although some of these are really offbeat (blue raspberry, anyone?)  Although I now have a great way to make a red, white and blue cake….

IMG_1413Seasonal marshmallows.  Someone could make some really cute marshmallow pops from these little bunnies.

IMG_1415Some great decorating and party stuff too – very reasonably priced!

IMG_1416And Walmart’s crown jewel – their collaboration with Peeps.  Peeps has increasingly been trying to position itself as a baking ingredient, rather than just an Easter candy.  Accordingly, those are cookie cutters in the shape of classic Peeps (chicks and bunnies), little frosting toppers and sprinkles.  So if you like to bake with Peeps, this is the place!

My next stop was Williams-Sonoma – a bit pricey for every day, definitely, but I always get inspired by their bakeware section.  Definitely worth a peek!

IMG_1442They have some great colours of Le Creuset stoneware – isn’t it gorgeous?  Definitely going on my wedding registry list!

IMG_1443Great cookbooks – I’ll be posting a review of Collards and Carbonara soon!

IMG_1444Check out the baking section – particularly love the Star Wars stuff!

IMG_1445Also, a great gluten free section, including cup 4 cup gluten free flour, which makes it easy to substitute gluten free flour into recipes (including mine!)

Finally, I headed over to Target, who gleefully marked their Easter section on my arrival.

IMG_1446The racks of Easter M&Ms – all of the normal flavours in a seasonal decoration.  They also had white chocolate (which was odd – it fits with their Peppermint, but new as an Easter flavour on its own!)

IMG_1447Also, some special Target flavoured Peeps (vanilla, orange and strawberry creme!)

IMG_1448And their seasonal baking stuff – including these flowerpots (which I love – really looking forward to baking with them this year.)

IMG_1449So that’s what I found lately!  What are you enjoying this season?


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  1. easter m&ms and peeps, Yum! that is all 😀

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