Amazing Cake Pops and Sun Cake Pops

There’s nothing nicer after a week at home then making some cake pops with my mom.  A couple Christmases ago, I got her this cake pops maker and since then, I’ve been making cake pops whenever I’m home.  She’s super patient and helpful (not at all like me) and so is a great cake pop partner in crime.

Thus I was really excited to have a copy of Amazing Cake Pops to share with her.  This book is quite simple – it’s a cake pops encyclopedia.  There are a massive number of designs that you can create (it’s divided by category so that, for example, the space section includes alien designs, spaceships, astronauts, UFOs).  The one thing I will say is that these aren’t the simplest cake pop decorations – they require steady hands, an understanding of basic cake pop making and a good eye for shapes!  Cake pops are always a great treat to bring to parties or into work – it’s a nice little cake treat.  So these are designs which would be perfect gifts or finger food.  I’m really glad I expanded my design horizons this way and definitely would recommend the book to cake pop lovers.

indexSun Cake Pops (from Amazing Cake Pops)


Cake pops of your choice (for a quick cake pop making tutorial, check out the Pioneer Woman)

Butterscotch chips

Yellow candy melts

Black icing

Blue icing (the black and blue icing can be replaced by edible pens in a pinch)

IMG_1649Ring the cake pops with chocolate chips and attach to lollipop sticks.

IMG_1450Dip in melted yellow candy melts.

IMG_1454Allow to set.  Draw or pipe the faces onto the cake pops.

photoI took the photo with some of the starry night cake pops – how cute are they?

IMG_1651I received a copy of Amazing Cake Pops from Skyhorse Publishing to review.  All opinions are my own.


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