Pink Lemonade Crinkle Cookies (with a Pink Lemonade Glaze)

I came back to London armed with a cute little set of the Valentine’s Day cards that American children give out to their friends in school.  This is apparently a purely American concept – the reason I can’t find them here is that apparently in London, Valentine’s Day is simply a romantic holiday, rather than an excuse for children to gorge on chocolate.  Still, I can’t resist making cute gifts for friends and family, so I start scanning the house for pink foods to box up.

This led me to some Pillsbury Pink Lemonade cake mix, left over from last summer, when I never got a chance to use it.  A bit summery, but who couldn’t use a bit of summery on a dreary February in London?

I decided to adapt this recipe from Make Bake Celebrate, but instead of rolling them in sugar, I wanted to use some Crystal Light pink lemonade I had to make a glazed drop cookie.  It added a special pink lemonade touch – only recommended if you don’t mind your cookies a bit tart!

Pink Lemonade Crinkle Cookies (adapted from Make Bake Celebrate)


1 box Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Cake Mix

2 large eggs

80ml canola oil

200g icing sugar

1 small packet of Crystal Light Pink Lemonade

Several tablespoons of water


Mix pink lemonade cake mix with eggs and oil.

DSC_2062Put a ball of dough on a greased baking sheet.


Bake at 170C for twelve minutes or so (until it has set.)  Allow to cool completely.

DSC_2066Mix together Crystal Light, icing sugar and water until the glaze achieves your preferred consistency.

DSC_2067Spread the glaze over the cookies.

DSC_2068Allow to set overnight.




  1. No way! Sometimes I think we’re the same person. I have a pink lemonade cake coming on the blog soon as well lol love the cookies they look gorgeous!

  2. I love the sound of the glaze!

  3. My kids love cake mix cookies. I’ll have to give this lemonade one a try. Stopping by from the Sweet & Savoury Linkup.

  4. Laura@Baking In Pyjamas · · Reply

    These cookies look great. Thanks for sharing your recipe at Sweet and Savoury Sunday’s, I hope you link up again this weekend

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