Cotton Candy Cookies (and lovely Save the Dates)

I spent last weekend working on my save the date cards.  For those of you who don’t obsessively watch wedding related TV shows, read “tell all” books by celebrity wedding planners or bridal magazines or who have managed to opt out of the more materialistic bits of wedding planning, save the dates are the cards sent out once you settle on a wedding date, before the official invitation.  Not necessary if you have a short engagement, but since we’re having a wedding which will require almost everyone to travel, I think it’s good to get as much notice as possible – which means that I definitely think sending out a save the date as soon as I can would be a good thing for guests.

The first hurdle was definitely convincing Beardy Fiance.  After sitting through an episode of Don’t Tell the Bride, he has begun to believe most wedding planning is unnecessary – you need three weeks, maximum!  This also includes a general disdain for some of the more frivolous window dressing of wedding planning, so I had to convince him that this would be something that would be appreciated by our wedding guests.  I was somewhat successful, but he did point out that it was best to stick with a limited budget for these, since as anyone who has planned a wedding knows, the little things can start to add up: fast.

I did a lot of cruising wedding planning blogs (forget bridal planning magazines, these are WAY more useful for someone trying to plan a lovely wedding on a budget) and a great suggestion that came up was to use Vistaprint for your paper for your wedding.  Vistaprint, while best known for spamming your email inbox with deals for cheap paperworks, offers some nice quality paper at a far cheaper rate than anyone else, especially in large quantities.

The best way to do this is to upload your own high quality image, rather than adapting a template save the date.  I’d say most couples would want to use a cute picture of the two of them, but since Beardy Fiance and I STILL haven’t managed to get our engagement photos taken, my lovely little sister (and bridesmaid) whipped up a cute, cartoon like design.  It required a bunch of little changes (for someone who considers them unnecessary window dressing, Beardy Fiance still had strong opinions on the little details!).  I’m really excited with the result – which, unfortunately, I can’t share here yet (since it hasn’t been sent out to friends and family), but I will soon.

For more tips on using Vistaprint for save the dates, I found this post from Offbeat Brides really helped me, so I’m happy to pass it on.

But obviously, I needed some delicious baked goods to fortify myself through this process.  I wanted something quick, easy and delicious, so when I was browsing through my cupboard, I found this Betty Crocker cotton candy mix I’d impulse bought when I was home in the US and decided to give it a go.

I expected it to be a pink colour from the packaging, but it was more of a standard sugar cookie colour with some blue cotton candy flavoured add ins.  But while it is clearly artificially flavoured, it is also delicious.  Which made me (and everyone I gave these cookies to) happy.

Cotton Candy Cookies

I mixed according to the recipe on the cookies.

DSC_2031 DSC_2032

I then made a combination of roll out cookies and drop cookies.

DSC_2033Baked according to instructions.

DSC_2036I decided I wanted an extra bit of cotton candy-ness, so I added cotton candy to my buttercream.


And then Beardy Fiance decorated!

DSC_2041These are definitely easy cookies to whip up and super tasty.  Not as great as homemade, but let’s be honest – all natural cotton candy flavours do not exist!



One comment

  1. They look really cute 🙂
    Janie x
    PS Damn you, I now have cookie craving…

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