Fondant Stamped Cookies

I can’t be the only person out there constantly coveting baking equipment, am I?  I’m a particular nerd for browsing the Williams-Sonoma Nordicware stuff – it all looks so delicious!  And on a particularly useful browse of Ebay, I came across these cookie stamps.  Now, I don’t really love the way cookie stamps can’t really be iced and so I thought of using the stamp not on the cookie, but on the fondant (which I think gives them a nicer look.)

So this is just a quick tutorial as to how I used the stamps on the fondant – I will note that with these particular stamps (being the old fashioned metal kind), it’s a bit more difficult to make a good impression, but it can be done – and I’ll note I got a lot of compliments on this design!

Fondant stamped Cookies

You’ll need:

Cookies to decorate (I used this recipe and made them circular)

Decorators gel or an icing which can be used to stick the fondant


DSC_1969Roll out the fondant.

DSC_1971Press the cutter into the fondant and perhaps (if you want) cut a circle around it with a fondant cutter.  Press the fondant against the stamp.

DSC_1972Apply a light sheen of decorators gel on the cookie.

DSC_1973Firmly place the fondant sheet on top of the cookie.

DSC_1974It takes a bit longer than dashing on dots of icing, but it also makes some beautiful cookies – I’d love to see if other people use fondant stamps!



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