Meringue Girls and Cherry Vanilla Meringues

Meringues wouldn’t obviously lend themselves to obvious ingenuity – it’s difficult to imagine how create you can be with a food which requires very specific food ratios.  But the Meringue Girls, designer caterers and food stylists, have made a business out of doing quirky and unexpected things with meringues.  Outside of certain upscale shops and delis (which I admit, I don’t really make too much of a habit of frequenting), you’d have to be invited to a posh party to sample their delicious meringue creations.  Or you could check out their new cookbook, as I did.  The Meringue Girls focuses on their basic meringue kiss recipe and then goes into variations, as well as recipes which include meringue elements and (while you might not think of it, very importantly) recipes to use all the extra yolks you’ll have after making meringues!

I consider myself a keen merengue baker – and I’ve already experimented with colours and flavours (Duncan Hines frosting creations are fairly amazing for this), but there were a lot of good ideas I would never have thought of – come on, pistachio and fig pavlovas, lemon sorbet meringue crunch?  My mouth is already watering.)

I’ve found that most cookbooks tend to have a recipe or two of meringues or macaroons – this one is full of this under-appreciated, delicious dessert.  If you are a meringue fan and looking for innovative meringue based recipe (not content to simply routinely shovel kisses into your mouth), you’ll really enjoy this book.


Cherry Vanilla Meringues (from The Meringue Girls)


150g egg whites (this was about 4 large eggs for me)

300g caster sugar

1 packet of Duncan Hines frosting creations cherry vanilla

1/2 bag of Hershey Kisses Cherry Cordial

DSC_1896Whisk the egg whites until they hold strong peaks.

DSC_1898Gradually mix in the caster sugar and cherry vanilla flavouring.

DSC_1899Line up the chocolate kisses on a lined baking sheet (trust me, for meringues, greased isn’t good enough – it needs to be lined.)

DSC_1900Pipe the meringues around the chocolate kisses.


Bake at 100C for an hour, perhaps slightly more – the meringues should look hard to the touch (but do not open up the oven door.)  Leaving oven door shut, turn off the heat and allow it to cool gradually over night.

DSC_1906I actually received multiple requests for the recipe, which is always the sign of a successful cookbook.  A must for merengue lovers!

I received a free copy of this to review from Square Pegs Publishing, but all opinions are my own.



  1. These look so pretty and I can just imagine the combination of flavours.

  2. […] have always been a fan of the Meringue Girls (I loved their first cookbook) – so I was excited to see that they’d branched out from […]

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