Gok’s Wok review

I would be surprised if your first thought, when you think of Gok Wan, is of food.  The stylist is best known for his style show, How to Look Good Naked, which makes an effort to limit body shaming and celebrate positive body image.  But he was inspired to write a cookbook, Gok’s Wok, making meals he remembered from his childhood – quick, easy and authentic Chinese food like his father used to make.


The book involves a wide variety of Chinese and South Asian food recipes – everything from light salads to quick and easy meals, all the way to more complicated ethnic foods.  The one complaint I had about this book is that since the recipes are very much authentic, some of the ingredients are more difficult to find in ordinary grocery stores.  But if you’re able to find a decent Chinese supply shop (or to note that international ingredients are becoming more standard in larger grocery stores), these are definitely quick and delicious meals.

I’d really recommend this cookbook to anyone who is looking to learn more about Chinese or South Asian cooking or looking for more healthy recipes – steamed vegetables and brown rice can get old fairly quickly!  It was also really lovely to be influenced by someone who has actual knowledge of authentic Chinese food – something which is often missing from British Chinese cookbooks.


I received a free copy of Gok’s Wok to review from Ebury Press, but all opinions are my own.


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