Salon du Chocolat

As most people who blog will tell you, blogging can often feel a bit like spitting into the wind!  You write recipes and reviews and talk about the places that you’re interested in – but does anyone take your opinions seriously?

That’s why it can be super flattering to be invited to events – someone out there enjoys what I have to say on my blog and wants to hear what I have to say about the event they’re planning.  So as an obvious chocolate lover, I was super flattered to be invited to the Gala Evening for the UK’s first Salon du Chocolat – part of the larger Chocolate Week event – and not just because I love chocolate!

It did, however, make it abundantly clear that I watch far too much reality TV.  There was a strong representation from this season and last season’s Great British Bake Off as well as some competitors from The Apprenticedefinitely made me feel part of the cool kids at the invitation-only event!

The highlight was the Chocolate Catwalk – several of the chocolatiers worked with fashion designers to create designs inspired by chocolate and using some chocolate in the designs – although one the models told me that they didn’t get to eat their clothes (and by the end of the show, they were beginning to melt!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn addition to some of the major household names, there was a great variety of small, innovative chocolate producers.  I was really disappointed that The Brownie Bar was closed when we arrived (as I was dying to try their salted caramel brownie) and check out the chocolate-filled bathtub (there was actually a model in there – I didn’t quite have the nerve to try it myself!


I was psyched to see Notting Hill retailer Melt getting the publicity they deserve – I can’t wait to get their new cookbook from Absolute Press.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy vegan readers might find this interesting – vegan ganache (made with water) from The Chocolatier – I didn’t get to try any, but I loved that chocolate is becoming more innovative and allergen friendly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProbably my favourite producer I met that night was Jaz and Jul’s hot chocolate – I’m a bit of a hot chocolate freak.  They told me that the idea came because they couldn’t find hot chocolate which they were really happy with rather than too sugary.  So they created some artisan hot chocolate, made from good quality chocolate, for people to enjoy,  I bought a sample pack with chocolate orange, white chocolate and gingerbread hot chocolate.


Beardy Fiance was impressed by the salted caramel fudge from Fudge Kitchen – I’ve missed proper creamy fudge since I left Ireland (the secret is the good quality dairy.)


And finally – Toot Sweet (awesome Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reference) made great salted caramels.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really enjoyed Chocolate Week and would definitely go again to the Salon du Chocolat – a great way to find artisan chocolate makers in my local area!

I was given a free ticket, but all opinions are my own.


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