Candy Corn Cookie Bars

It’s a bit of an American cliche to be obsessed with Halloween – but I admit it, I am.  Every year, I buy a good bit of candy and am disappointed when no child actually arrives at my buzzer to trick or treat.

So at least I have these amazing cookie bars, made with the very American Candy Corn M&Ms – a delicious study in white chocolateness and incredibly easy to make quickly.

Candy Corn Cookie Bars (inspired by my Pumpkin Spice version)


12 rich tea biscuits

1/4 cup unsalted butter

1 cup coconut

1 cup white chocolate chips

1 cup Candy Corn M&Ms

1 can condensed milk

DSC_1782Pound the rich tea biscuits into crumbs and spread them evenly over a lined square cake pan.  Melt the butter and spread it over the crumbs, using it to clump the crumbs together.

DSC_1784Sprinkle the coconut over the biscuit crumbs.

DSC_1787Sprinkle the white chocolate chips on top.

DSC_1788Add the Candy Corn M&Ms.

DSC_1789Pour the condensed milk over the M&Ms.

DSC_1790Bake at 170C for about twenty minutes (until the top is a nice golden brown.)

DSC_1793Halloween-y extraordinare!  Although not to be served to trick or treaters (as they’re homemade goods), but you could eat it all yourself (as I will!)

DSC_1794Happy Halloween, y’all!



  1. Yum Nick these look gorgeous! Love the halloween colours

  2. I’m so intrigued by the whole candy corn thing and now they have an M&M flavour, did you get then here. I’ll have to keep an eye out. That looks so sweet and lovely, I could probably polish it off myself too!

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