Almond Butter Krispy Treats

This is another post which came out of Beardy Fiance’s hatred of peanut butter.  He has a vague dislike of all nuts, but I’ve (mostly) gotten him past it with almonds and (slightly) got him past it with cashews.  He looked up from a stir fry the other night and went “are there *nuts* in this?” No, of course not, baby.  Definitely not.

So instead of peanut butter, I’ve been experimenting with alternative butters.  Cookie butter is an obvious substitution, but not indulgent – I like the idea of being able to make a less obviously sweet treat.  I’ve also been checking out Whole Foods, which gives you the chance to grind nuts into butter (you can make your own cashew, almond, peanut and pistachio butter) – much healthier than your jarred Skippy!  Also – made with gluten-free rice krispies, this would be a great treat for someone with a gluten intolerance.

Almond Butter Krispy Treats (adapted from Candy Kittens)


130g Rice Krispies

250g marshmallows

75g unsalted butter

150g almond butter

1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (not pictured because I forgot until the last minute)

DSC_1385Measure out the rice krispies into a bowl.  Melt the marshmallows, vanilla and butter together.

DSC_1386Quickly (time is of the essence here!) mix the melted marshmallow mixture in with the rice krispies.  Again, really quickly, move the rice krispies and marshmallows into a VERY well greased brownie pan.

DSC_1387 DSC_1389

Allow to set for several hours before cutting into several pieces.




  1. Heidie Makes · · Reply

    these looks heavenly!got to try it out, I am vegetarian so usually add some almonds in my cereal,porridge or when baking cakes,cereal bars,cupcakes or muffins.It gives really great texture and nutty soft taste.

  2. I’m with him on detesting peanut butter (good only for satay) – but almond or cashew as a substitute is a great idea.

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