Candy Corn Oreo Sandwiches

It would not be unfair to say I fairly heavily pressured my mother into picking some of these up.  She and my father were coming over for my birthday and I dropped heavy hints (sending her the Target page, dropping hints about how delicious they are) in order to get her to bring me over some Candy Corn Oreos.  But luckily for me, she’s well able to read my (lack of) subtlety and brought over some delicious, delicious Oreos.  As you’ll know if you’re a long time reader, I made Candy Corn Oreo truffles last year, but this year (probably in response to complaints that the Oreos were a bit too candy corn-esque last year), there was a definite tone down in flavour.  So I decided to do my favourite stuffed cookies.

These crinkle cookies stemmed from an idea of doing Candy Corn Oreos in a bright orange crinkle cookie coating.  Sadly, the food colouring did not have the same idea (the bright orange gel food colouring I bought had no intention of falling in line with my plans), but I definitely managed to achieve a really taste cookie-in-cake effect, while adding a pop of Halloween colour!

Candy Corn Oreo Crinkle Cookies (as always, inspired by Picky Palate, but the cookie recipe itself came from these crinkle cookies.)


White cake mix

2 eggs

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup icing sugar

Liquid food colouring

DSC_1656Gradually beat the eggs and oil into the cake mix.

DSC_1659Mix in food colouring – make sure it’s liquid food colouring, as gel has a lot of difficulty and requires a lot more of it.

DSC_1660 DSC_1662

DSC_1663Once it’s mixed, wrap the dough around the cookie – this is really, really sticky dough, so it does require quite some effort!

DSC_1664Sift the cookie dough through icing sugar.

DSC_1665I put them on my whoopie pie pan.

DSC_1666Bake for about seven to ten minutes at 170C.

DSC_1667The candy corn taste (though toned down) was a nice little surprise in the centre and I was happy to have achieved some level of orange – if not the perfect bright orange I wanted.  Have any of you tried Candy Corn Oreos?  What did you think?



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