Birthday Cake Oreo Cupcakes

I’m pretty sure that out of all the limited edition Oreos, the birthday cake Oreos have been the most successful – the creme in Oreos really suits itself to a vanilla icing flavour.  So obviously, any baking I did with these would have to include funfetti icing – it must be done!

I’ve been thinking a lot about cake lately – well, wedding cake!  I’m starting to move beyond the “ahhh, I’m engaged” stage to wedding planning.  The date we’ve chosen is still fairly far off, but in this cutthroat Bridezilla era, I want to have my venue and photographer booked before other people start planning for the same date as I want!  As a result, I’ve been reading some how-to books and am starting to try to get organised.  Details on what that exactly means in posts to follow!

Birthday Cake Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes (adapted from the Oreo website)


Chocolate cupcake batter (you can use a box mix or whip up your own)

1 package Birthday Cake Oreos

1 tub of vanilla funfetti icing (it can be some homemade vanilla with some sprinkles mixed in or some store-bought funfetti icing)

DSC_1476Whip up the chocolate cupcake batter.


Put an Oreo on the bottom of each lined cupcake container and scoop the batter on top.

DSC_1478 DSC_1480

DSC_1479Bake according to the chocolate cake instructions and allow to cool.  Remove from wrappers and slice cake in half.

DSC_1486Whip up some funfetti icing.

DSC_1487Turn the cupcake upside down and place a generous helping of funfetti icing in the centre.

DSC_1488 DSC_1489

It becomes a giant birthday cake Oreo cupcake!  With a big dab of funfetti icing – delectable.



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