Delaware Night and Outsider Tart: A Giveaway

Yes, it is.  It’s another post about Outsider Tart – “yet again?”  I hear you say.  But this little wonder in Chiswick just keeps surprising me…. And this time, it’s their Route 66 event.  Every Saturday night for the next 52 weeks (in alphabetical order), Outsider Tart is doing a menu inspired by the cuisine of a different American state.  As of writing, we’re heading towards Illinois, which means that we’ve passed my beloved home state of Delaware.

What is Delaware cuisine, anyway?  I’d forgive you for being unsure, since I’m from Delaware and I can’t think of anything that is particularly unique to Delaware.  This small wonder doesn’t have a lot of food of its own – more food as part of the Mid-Atlantic region (including Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Eastern Maryland).  Yet the Davids (owners and proprietors of Outsider Tart) came up with some great food to represent the First State.

We started with some lovely biscuits (which, if you’re anything like Beardy Fiance, I’ll need to explain to you that in America, biscuits are more similar to a savoury scone than a digestive) – one of the things I love about Outsider Tart is how they send up some nibbles at the beginning of the meal – and we’re getting a great selection throughout the states.

DSC_1335I went with the buttermilk fried chicken and oysters, which, while not a delicacy I enjoyed growing up in Delaware, were absolutely delicious – loved the crisp on the chicken.

DSC_1336As for Beardy Fiance’s beloved meat, there were two great dishes on the menu – the scrapple (combined pieces of a pig – far more delicious than it sounds) and the pork and sauerkraut (reminiscent of Delaware’s proximity to the Pennsylvania Deutsch).

DSC_1337 DSC_1338

Dessert was a lovely peach cobbler (although I will admit, I have no familiarity with peaches in Delaware cuisine.)

DSC_1340It was a great dinner out with friends.

DSC_1339Just to give you a little taste of some of the other great states – here’s some food from California night.

DSC_1237 DSC_1238

DSC_1239Above is a homemade chocolate Twinkie – gotta love the Davids skills at recreating American sweets.

In honour of Route 66, I am giving away a copy of the Outsider Tart cookbook, Baked in America – if you ask nicely, I could even get it signed!  If you want to enter the competition, leave a comment telling me a nickname for Delaware (some are mentioned in the post) – you get an extra entry for following me on Twitter or Facebook – the competition closes on the 10th of October.



  1. I’d love to try some foods from the First State and the rest of the union. That chicken looks delicious.

  2. I am desperate to try some USA style biscuits and have also always wanted to try buttermilk chicken. I wold love to win a signed copy of Baked in America. The first state is a fab nickname. I also follow you on FB and twitter.

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