Strawberry Cheesecake Brownies

This was another recipe where the fates seemed to converge to come up with a great original recipe – this was inspired by Costco and Love from the Oven.

Christi over at Love from the Oven posted up a recipe with a brownie crust made out of Pop-Tarts – I loved the idea of using Pop-Tarts in baking.  Then a few weeks ago, I was browsing Costco in Croydon with Beardy Fiance.  Costco, the vast wholesaler, is one of my favourite place to get bargains by buying food in bulk (and they often have a few special treats that I can throw into the cart to bake with.)  They had several large containers of strawberry and chocolate Pop-Tarts.

They called to me.  Love from the Oven did a great job with the pop-tart crust, but I really liked the idea of a Pop Tart as stuffing.  And then once I saw this strawberry cheesecake chocolate from Lindt, it was a perfect moment – it would have to be a chocolate cheesecake brownie.

This recipe includes a bunch of goodies – but I happen to think the result is pretty unique! (and my taste testers agree.)

Strawberry Cheesecake Brownies (adapted from Nigella Lawson’s How to Be a Domestic Goddess)


125g Lindt strawberry cheesecake chocolate (although any strawberry chocolate or, in a pinch, plain dark chocolate would do)

125g unsalted butter

200g caster sugar

2 large eggs

200g cream cheese (at room temperature)

1 teaspoon strawberry extract

1 package of Jell-o pudding cream cheesecake

75g plain flour

2 strawberry Pop Tarts

DSC_1441Melt the chocolate and butter together over low heat.

DSC_1443While it’s melting, whisk together the eggs and sugar.  Then gradually whisk in cream cheese and strawberry extract.

DSC_1445Remove chocolate and butter from heat and mix in.

DSC_1444 DSC_1446

Sift in the dry ingredients.

DSC_1447Once well mixed, line an 8 inch by 8 inch brownie pan with baking paper.  Pour about half of the batter into the brownie pan.  Place the two Pop Tarts, face down, side by side.

DSC_1448Cover with the other half of the batter.


Bake at 180C for about forty to forty five minutes – the outside will be very well browned, but make sure you test the inside – due to the cream cheese, it will take quite a long time to set.

DSC_1427These were a smashing success (although oddly, multiple people have told me they tasted “apple-y”, so who knows?) and I love the idea – what other flavour/Pop Tart combinations would you use?


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  1. These look great and would be perfect for my Virtual Bake Sale for Macmillan Cancer Support, check out the link to take part –


    FoodNerd x

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