Creamsicle Cookies (with Buttercream filling)

One of the most frustrating things is trying to explain a food that someone else has never heard of: thus goes the Creamsicle (it’s like orange but with a creamy filling… kind of like an Orange Split but sweeter!)  But oddly enough, Beardy Fiance has grown to love Orange Creme stuff – whether it’s orange soda or a creamsicle, so I wanted to recreate the flavours for him.

I’ve always loved the idea of high hat cupcakes with a chocolate covering and I liked the idea of sandwiching a buttercream filling between and orange cream coating and an orange cream cake.

Luckily, one of the Pillsbury summer flavours was this great orangesicle cookie mix, which made this cookie incredibly easy.  One might even call it a snap!  I love adapting store bought mix into your very own!

Creamsicle Cookies (with Buttercream filling)


A box of Pillsbury Creamsicle Cookie Mix

Ingredients as stated on the box

Buttercream icing

Smuckers Orange Creme Shell

DSC_1276Mix up the cookie mix according to instructions on the box.

DSC_1277Flour the dough and roll out dough, use pastry cutter to make equal sized circles.


Place dough on greased cookie sheets.


Bake according to instructions on the box (although I will note they might need a bit less cooking time as they were cut quite thin.)

DSC_1280Allow to cool.  After that, make a fresh buttercream icing (or pull some out of a can) and put a nice little stylish poof of buttercream.  Make sure buttercream has cooled and then cover with a dab of orange creme shell.


You could recreate this with a variety of flavour combinations, but I loved the idea of the cookie under icing topped with a hard shell.  What flavours would you make?


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