Maple Butter and Flavoured Butters

This post was inspired by maple butter.

DSC_1130Specifically Moose Maple Butter.  I got a chance to test this at the Food Blogger Connect conference – and it was amazing.  I would put it on pancakes, on toast, on waffles.  On the mint chocolate chip pancakes the Beardy Fiance makes for me!

Flavored Butters is a cookbook prefaced on the idea that if butter is delicious, butters mixed with other flavours to add a lovely seasoning to a meal is even better.  The book contains a variety of recipes – some sweet, some savoury, as well as some suggestions as to what these butters could be served with.  It’s a cute little book – but it’s definitely worth investing in it to spruce up your normal meals!


I received a free copy of Flavored Butters to review – all opinions are my own.



  1. love the concept behind this cookbook and yum do those maple butters look good! I love flavored butters on waffles, pancakes, cheese latkes etc. thanks for sharing this! xx. gigi.

  2. That Maple Moose sure was addictive. As I won’t be able to get it at home what a great idea to make some myself.

    1. Maple industry not yet flourishing in the UAE? 😉

      1. Ah we have everything!

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