Cookbooks I’m Coveting: July

There’s something about summer and baking – for me, it’s the season of popsicles, of ice cream makers, of fun shaped cookies, of pipping hot cornbread.  It means that everyone gets a little bit more sensitive about firing up a hot oven in the middle of the day, but summer cooking can be absolutely lovely.

As a result, I’ve been thinking about baking!

Shirley Fan, The Flying Brownie

I do A LOT of packing and sending of sweets to my friends.  As a result, this book appeals to me – it not only contains delicious baking recipes, but suggestions for packing and shipping.  Since at this point, I’m a veteran baker, I don’t come across too many cookbooks which are specifically innovative and useful, but this cookbook really is.


Andrea Slonecker, Pretzel Making at Home

Pretzels are absolutely delicious (I could probably eat about three in one sitting), so a book devoted to making pretzels?  Sign me up!  It contains not only my favourite pretzel with salt and mustard, but a variety of a savoury and sweet pretzels (eww, but Beardy Boyfriend can’t get enough of them.)  Probably not idea to eat them all in one sitting, though!


I absolutely love the Cupcake Cones from Love from the Oven.  If you decide to bake the cupcakes in cones, you need a special pan to do so: which is why these Kupcake Konz pans are so useful – definitely worth a go to try to impress people!

One of the biggest conundrums in life is how to manage to cool and cut up caramels – Chicago Metallic has solved this problem for me with a flexible no-bake pan and marshmallow wheel cutter.   Great for those of us who are constantly cooking candy and need an easy way to cut it neatly!

It’s July, which reminds me that I need a flag pan for my annual 4th of July barbeques – it’s just not a 4th of July celebration without shortcake decorated with strawberries and blueberries.

That’s what I’m drooling over this month!  How about you?


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