Outsider Tart

My favourite restaurant in London has to be Outsider Tart.  Most people know them through their well-established baking shop in Chiswick and their stall behind the Royal Festival Hall.  But recently, they’ve renovated their Chiswick location, so that in addition to an American-style bakery and an American food shop, they’re now serving a delicious weekend breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the cool things about Outsider Tart is that their American groceries are constantly changing, so you’re never quite sure what groceries they’ll have – cake flour, graham crackers and a variety of crackers make the rotation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe baked goods are also on rotation – they’re not labelled, so you always have to ask what they are!


We went in for American style dinner and it did NOT disappoint.  Beardy Boyfriend can be a bit hard to please with food, but he settled on meatloaf.  He scorns most vegetables, so the Davids (the lovely and agreeable owners) convinced him to try their homemade mac and cheese.  He loved it!  I went with chili (an American favourite which nowhere does half as well as they do).


This is Beardy Boyfriend after devouring his meal.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs always, they managed to make a convert out of him!  Definitely my favourite place in London – if you’re anywhere near Chiswick, would definitely recommend checking it out.

Outsider Tart has limited evening opening hours – best to stop by for lunch if you can, otherwise they’re open late Thursday – Saturday



  1. Outsider Tart is definitely on our places to try, especially after our recent visit to the US!

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