Pretzel M&M Rice Krispy Treats

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like mixing things up just a little bit?  I know I do – between work, school, health issues and the general hurly burly of day to day life, I don’t have the time to come up with a new recipe most of the time.  Quite often, it’s simply trying a flavour and thinking “mmmh – I’d really like to try this flavour with the texture of a certain cookie or as part of that cake I loved a couple month ago.”  Baking is rarely inventing the wheel – most of the time, it’s slowly playing around with one spoke at a time to see how it will taste.

And that’s what this recipe is about.  Anyone who knows me will know that, hands down, my favourite M&M flavour is pretzel.  I love the salty and sweet combo and if left unattended, I would easily eat a box of them on my own – probably not the best idea!  But when I was going for something delicious and gluten limited (as it’s hard to go with something totally gluten-negative!), pretzel rice krispy treats immediately came to mind.  It’s easy to make, but I’d definitely recommend this recipe – I ate far more of it than I normally would!
Pretzel M&M Rice Krispy Treats (adapted from Kelloggs)


10 ounces of marshmallows

43g (3 tablespooons) unsalted butter

150g (6 cups) Rice Krispies

1/2 large bag of Pretzel M&Ms

DSC_0922Melt butter and marshmallow over low heat until fully melted and easily pliable.

DSC_0924Note that once it’s melted, it quickly cools and becomes sticky and difficult to work with.  So you want to mix it in with the rice krispies and pretzel M&Ms as soon as possible.

DSC_0925Place in a lined baking pan to cool and set overnight.

DSC_0926Cut up into eatable pieces.


Great combination of salty and sweet – I’d use this as a car trip snack in future!


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  1. This looks awesome! I love combining sweet and salary. Visiting through the Sweet and Savory hop!

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