Cookbooks I’m Coveting: May

It’s May!  Along with the temptation of trying to avoid spending my monthly paycheck on baking goods – and only six weeks until my next holiday.  Beardy Boyfriend and I are heading to the Outer Banks in North Carolina with my family – it will be lovely to have some time just relaxing and spending time with my family.  Plus, it’s an opportunity to load up on my American goodies (and get some less expensive baking supplies).  So what am I browsing this month?

Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, A Feast of Fire and Ice

I can’t be the only person who is totally obsessed with Game of Thrones.  I read the book series when I was a sophomore at Trinity (longer ago then I care to admit to the internet!) and loved it.  And I was really excited when I came across this book: unlike most recipes aimed at particularly popular books or movies, this one actually goes into a fascinating discussion of medieval cooking techniques.  So not only would I, say, be able to whip up a batch of Sansa’s favourite lemon cakes, but I’d actually be able to see how they zested lemons in the olden days.  Pretty awesome!


Meg Ray, Miette Cookbook

I’m taking a trip to San Francisco with my friend Sophie and so I am dying to see a bit of the baking history in the city.  One place I am really determined to get to is Miette, a cute little bakery with beautiful decorating skills.  To get myself ready, I’d love to check out the Miette cookbook to find out more about their delicious cakes and recipes!  It looks beyond delicious, with some beautiful decorating.


I’m loving this Norpro Pretzel Pan – I happen to be a massive fan of soft pretzels.  Previously, I’ve done it by hand, but I think this would make a more uniform soft pretzel and help me to make it a little bit more like the Auntie Anne pretzels I grew up with.

Speaking of the spring which is supposedly here (although you’d never know it from the London weather!), I love the idea of making mini-cheesecakes in a tulip shape.  Luckily, Target is selling these cute tulip springform pans.  They’d make a great base for a cute cake!


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