Cake and Bake Show (Manchester, 6th of April)

I was gutted when I realised that I had missed the last Cake and Bake Show in London, so when I found out that they were doing another event in Manchester, I pretty much forced Beardy Boyfriend to take me up to Manchester (everyone’s idea of a romantic mini-break is a baking convention, right?) and I have to admit, it was definitely worth the trip!  We got a deal on the tickets (and didn’t buy any masterclasses – although in retrospect, I would have done so for the Paul A Young masterclass).  I would recommend checking Groupon for a couple months before any baking festival or convention – they tend to have discounted tickets at some point.

We arrived half 10 on Saturday morning and there was already quite a crowd (although the hall wasn’t so packed that you couldn’t move around freely.)  The first shop which really caught my eye was Cake Pop Heaven.  A lovely Leeds-based shop, they had all of the decorations required to make beautiful cake pops (candy melts, candy sticks), as well as a set of the My Little Cupcake moulds.


I had previously bought the cupcake mould in Dublin, but they had the complete set! (the heart, the triangle, the snowman).  I can be quite bad at the patience to individual craft and decorate individual cake pops, but I have found that when I do, it turned out quite nicely.  If you’re a serious cake pop maker, they’re definitely worth a look.  I was especially impressed that they make their own cake pop kits with everything you would need to design your own lovely cake pops!


I was unbelievably delighted to see a stall by The Sugar Shack.  It’s my favourite shop in London (great prices and if you buy about £15 worth of stuff, there’s free delivery!)


They had a couple things that I am definitely coveting: I love these Wilton’s cake pan sets which make different shapes in the centre of cakes (and they also had my much beloved chocolate melter – snap that up!)


My next paycheck, definitely trying either the heart or the checkerboard!

The Kids Cooking Company is actually a brilliant idea – if I had kids, I’d definitely be getting these cute, kid friendly mixing bowls.  Unfortunately, not quite sure it’d be worth having a baby at the minute JUST to have a legitimate excuse to buy these cute sppons (although they are lovely!)


But probably the best news was that Sainsbury’s is launching a new baking range.  It’s great that there’s so many baking shops out there, but if you don’t live near one, you can really be out of luck – it’s amazing that a local supermarket like Sainsburys is really focusing on specialty baking!  I loved the flavourings and colours (a lot of the traditional flavours, but cola and run flavouring were definitely a pleasant surprise.)  I was also impressed by the sophistication of their boxed baking mixes.  Salted caramel cupcakes, red velvet, chocolate macarons?  Yes, please!


DSC_0440Very exciting that this should be available at local Sainsbury’s!  I really enjoyed the show (although in future, I would definitely sign up for more workshops) and I can’t wait to try the September show.  I’m trying to convince my best baking buddy, the Velvet Moon Baker, to come along as well!  Was anyone else at the Cake and Bake Show?  What did you think?

And finally, I will leave you with Beardy Boyfriend and the Silver Spoon gingerbread man…




  1. Haha look at him with the gingerbread man, looks dead chuffed! and you’re right the kids baking equipment looks too. Ah don’t tempt me about spetember Paul would kill me haha

    1. Does he not understand that you’re my baking partner in crime???

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