White Chocolate Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo sandwich cookies are one of those things which are taking over the internet.  Started by the amazing Picky Palate, variations have hit all over the internet.  Hell, I even tried one myself a couple of months ago (although, sadly, gingerbread Oreos aren’t necessarily very readily available!)

However, one of the few exciting Oreos that you can get in the UK are the chocolate creme ones.  My friend Tash gave them a go with cinnamon, but I wanted to make something more along the lines of these white fudge Oreos that I used to eat by the box-ful as a kid.  That, obviously, led me to the idea of white chocolate.  After pouring over pretty much every recipe book I have (which led to a large stack of books preventing Beardy Boyfriend from using the kitchen table for such silly side activities as eating breakfast) – I found the perfect recipe from Nigella Lawson.  Now, I’m not one of those people who are fanatic about Nigella (trust me, they do exist), but Beardy Boyfriend’s mum gave me a copy of How to Be A Domestic Goddess, and I’ve found that a lot of the recipes in there are both delicious and easily adaptable.  So when I saw this one, I thought it would be good for sandwiching chocolate Oreos.  Beardy Boyfriend agreed, saying that although he didn’t like Oreos, he liked these.  Success!

White Chocolate Oreo Sandwich Cookies (adapted from How to Be A Domestic Goddess)


125g unsalted butter

250g white chocolate

4 large eggs

350g caster sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

300g plain flour

One box of Oreo chocolate cremes

DSC_0373Melt together the chocolate and butter in a saucepan.

DSC_0375Whisk together the egg and sugar.  Mix in vanilla and the chocolate mixture.  Sift in flour.


Cover the chocolate creme Oreos in a sandwich of brownie batter.  Place in well-greased whoopie pie pan.

DSC_0378Bake at 170C for about ten to fifteen minutes until the cookies become a light golden brown colour.   Allow to cool before removing from the whoopie pie tin.




  1. These look so scrummy 😀

  2. […] cookies enough to use the format for snickerdoodles surrounding Gingerbread Oreos as well as some white chocolate cookies and it’s one of my favourites for creative Oreo […]

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