Cookbooks I’m Coveting: April

Supposedly, this is spring.  I’m skeptical: it’s been snowing here quite recently!  But it’s good to be edging into April: first of all, Game of Thrones has started (as someone who was rather an obsessive fan of the books before the show even started, I get a bit obsessive with the TV series!)  The summer movie season is starting soon as well, and as a long-term, obsessive Trekkie, I’m counting down the days until May!  It also means that my summer vacation with my family is coming sooner, so yes – definitely happy that April is here.  So what am I loving this spring?

Miche Bacher’s Cooking with Flowers

Can a book be more spring-appropriate than this?  I think not – it’s both a collection of recipe using edible flowers as well as informative section about how to prepare flowers in order to make them both safe and delicious.  It does feel a bit overly optimistic to be preparing for flowers in London, but I think it would be a great book not only for cooking but to improve my decorating skills.


Jo Packham’s Pieography

I saw this one because of the contributors happens to be the writer of one of my favourite American food blogs, Love from the Oven.  She’s contributed a pretty cool looking Brownie Pretzel Pie and as I’m trying to improve my pie baking skills, it seems like it would be full of interesting and creative recipes.  Definitely one worth trying!


Jessica Fisher’s Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook

This cookbook mas as well have been written for me!  Beardy Boyfriend and I are super busy (and I’m not past neglecting dinner to bake a batch of cookies,) so I often resort to freezing food during the weekend to eat for the entire week.  I love the idea of, rather than adapting recipes in order to freeze foods for the week ahead – definitely going to give this cookbook a look.


I can’t be the only person thinking spring sprinkles right now, can I?  I’d love to see other people’s sprinkle cravings to sort out a lovely spring cookie!  I’m going to be publishing the delicious, spring cookies I made as a Beardy Boyfriend Weekly Bake and it’s really making me want to increase my sprinkles collection.  I’m also really eager to try some of these Pillsbury summer cookie mixes in some interesting flavours.

Even writing this is giving me a baking craving!


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